Stewart Cohen's Image on the cover of the Workbook

Posted by SCPictures on Oct 15, 2023 4:34:52 PM

2187556_8987Stewart's Image was selected for the cover of the Fall 2023 Workbook. The image was shot for a Maryland Live! campaign, but nearly did not happen. The project was near completion on the last day of the shoot. Our talented wardrobe stylist, Gabrielle Rosenberg, said she had brought gowns that we had not used and she wanted us to put one on the talent. But, according to the client, the shoot was over. The talent had a train to catch in thirty-five minutes. In normal tradition, that did not stop Gabbie or Stewart. She rapidly dressed our model, Qi Wen, in the lobby, Stewart and the team set up lights and were directing traffic to keep cars out of the Porte Cochere and the clock was ticking. For anyone that has ever worked with the SCP Team in the past, you know the rest of the story. The team moved at triple speed, we had our talent on set for a solid ninety seconds, got the shot, and boom, just like that the shoot was over. Unfortunately, the client never used the image, but maybe they will come back and resurrect it. Thank you, @theWorkbookphoto for selecting the image, and thank you, Gabrielle, for your initiative.


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