'Peek' Into the Life of Stewart Cohen

Posted by SCPictures on Sep 23, 2018 6:35:00 AM

Photographer Stewart Cohen recently launched volume 1 in a series of Zines titled "Peek". "Peek" is a look through the lens of Stewart Cohen during off hours on location around the globe. Each volume will be designed by a different creative with no rules or direction. The first volume was assigned to creative Marc Mintle, Creative Director at TM Advertising. He reviewed an extensive set of Cohen's photographs and designed this first zine using his favorites.


"As I looked through hundreds of Stewart's images, certain ones immediately began to belong together and tell a story in my head. The work is so beautiful and the in-camera cropping so mindful, that I left all images exactly how he gave them to me." Marc Mintle

To purchase a copy and learn more about "Peek" click here, and stay tuned for volume 2.

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